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# trackViewer [![DOI](]( [![platforms](]( [![build](]( A R/Bioconductor package for drawing elegant interactive tracks or lollipop plot to facilitate integrated analysis of multi-omics data Visualize mapped reads along with annotation as track layers for NGS dataset such as ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, miRNA-seq, DNA-seq, SNPs and methylation data. ## Installation To install this package, start R and enter: ```r library(BiocManager) BiocManager::install("trackViewer") ``` ## Documentation To view documentation of trackViewer, start R and enter: ```r browseVignettes("trackViewer") ``` Or view it online at: ## Citation Please cite the paper below for the trackViewer package. Ou J. Zhu L. trackViewer: a Bioconductor package for interactive and integrative visualization of multi-omics data. Nature Methods 16, 453–454 (2019)