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# signeR The signeR package provides an empirical Bayesian approach to mutational signature discovery. It is designed to analyze single nucleotide variation (SNV) counts in cancer genomes, but can also be applied to other features as well. Functionalities to characterize signatures or genome samples according to exposure patterns are also provided. ## Docs & Help See the [Documentation section]( on the Bioconductor page. ## Authors Rafael Rosales, Rodrigo Drummond, Renan Valieris, Israel Tojal da Silva ## Citation Rosales RA, Drummond RD, Valieris R, Dias-Neto E and Silva ITd (2016). “signeR: An empirical Bayesian approach to mutational signature discovery.” Bioinformatics. [doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw572]( ## License GPL v3