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# shiny.gosling <a href=""><img src="man/figures/logo.png" align="right" alt="shiny.gosling logo" style="height: 140px;"></a> > _R Shiny wrapper for Gosling.js - Grammar-based Toolkit for Scalable and Interactive Genomics Data Visualization_ <!-- badges: start --> [![in Bioc](]( [![BiocCheck](]( [![R-CMD-checks](]( <!-- badges: end --> Based on [gosling.js]( and powered by [shiny.react]( ## Getting started To install the packages, run: ```R if (!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("shiny.gosling") ``` Take a look at [basic example app]( to start working with _shiny.gosling_. To learn about the Gosling language, follow [Gosling docs]( ## Examples Use the `run_example` function in order to see the working examples: For example to run the *multiTrackApp* example: ```R run_example("multiTrackApp") ``` Here is a preview of what's there: ### Simple Single Track Shiny App ![Simple Single Track Shiny App]( ### Interactive Circular Plot with Linear Brush ![Circular Plot with Linear Brush]( ### SARS CoV 2 Example ![SARS CoV 2 Example]( ## Appsilon <img src="" align="right" alt="" width="6%" /> Appsilon is a **Posit (formerly RStudio) Full Service Certified Partner**.<br/> Learn more at []( Get in touch []( Explore the [Rhinoverse]( - a family of R packages built around [Rhino](! <a href = "" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="We are hiring!"/></a>