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# scAnnotatR The `scAnnotatR` package automatically classifies cells in scRNA-seq datasets. It is simple to use with a clear infrastructure to easily add additional cell type classification models. `scAnnotatR` support both `Seurat` and `SingleCellExperiment` objects as input. ## Installation You can install the latest version directly from GitHub using the `devtools` package: ```r # install devtools if needed if (!require(devtools)) { install.packages("devtools") } if (!require(scAnnotatR)) { install_github("grisslab/scAnnotatR") } ``` ## Help The complete usage is shown in the vignettes: * [Basic classification of cells](vignettes/classifying-cells.Rmd) * [Basic training of a new cell classification model](vignettes/training-basic-model.Rmd) * [Training of child-celltype models](vignettes/training-child-model.Rmd) For more questions / feedback please simply post an [Issue]( ## Citation If you used scAnnotatR in your research, we would be grateful if you could cite the following manuscript: Nguyen, V., Griss, J. scAnnotatR: framework to accurately classify cell types in single-cell RNA-sequencing data. BMC Bioinformatics 23, 44 (2022).