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[![Build Status](]( Model-based Gene Set Analysis (MGSA) is a Bayesian modeling approach for gene set enrichment. This Bioconductor/R package ```mgsa``` implements MGSA and tools to use MGSA together with the Gene Ontology. Development ----------- This is the official repository that is used for development of the ```mgsa``` Bioconductor/R package. It conists of two branches: - The ```master``` branch contains the entire history also prior of the inclusion of ```mgsa``` into Bioconductor. - The ```bioconductor``` branch contains the history as it is recorded in the Bioconductor project (, user is ```readonly```, password is also ```readonly```). Both branches are kept in sync such that there is no difference between the two branches and also such that the recent history is essentially the same. At least at the moment, merging from one branch to another is not done. Contributions using pull requests favourably based on the ```master``` branch are welcome.