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# matter Out-of-memory dense and sparse signal arrays Memory-efficient file-based data structures for dense and sparse vectors, matrices, arrays, and lists with applications to nonuniformly sampled signals and spectra. ## Description The *Matter* package provides flexible data structures for out-of-memory computing on dense and sparse arrays, with several features designed specifically for computing on nonuniform signals such as mass spectra and other spectral data. *Matter 2* has been updated to provide a more robust C++ backend to out-of-memory `matter` objects, along with a completely new implementation of sparse arrays and new signal processing functions for nonuniform sparse signal data. ## Installation ### Bioconductor Release *Matter* can be installed via the *BiocManager* package. ```{r install, eval=FALSE} if (!require("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("matter") ``` The same function can be used to update *Matter* and other Bioconductor packages. Once installed, *Matter* can be loaded with `library()`: ```{r library, eval=FALSE} library(matter) ``` ### Bioconductor Devel The Bioconductor development version of *Matter* can also be installed via the *BiocManager* package. ```{r install, eval=FALSE} BiocManager::install("matter", version="devel") ``` This version is unstable and should not be relied on for critical work. However, it is typically more stable than Github version. ### Github Devel The most cutting edge version of *Matter* can be installed from Github via the *remotes* package. ```{r install, eval=FALSE} if (!require("remotes", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("remotes") remotes::github_install("kuwisdelu/matter") ``` This version is unstable and only recommended for developers.