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# ivygapSE This package provides a SummarizedExperiment for Ivy-GAP metadata. See the [ivyGlimpse app]( and an [explanatory video]( The metadata and expression data are as distributed by [Allen Institute for Brain Science]( as of 31 May 2017. A brief vignette is available, and the ivyGlimpse() function will initiate a shiny app for exploring relationships between sub-block level image features quantified in 'subBlockDetails', survival time, and expression patterns. Essentially, one can use a scatterplot of a pair of image features to stratify the data. ivyGlimpse will be accompanied by ivyTest, a tool for formally testing hypotheses relating image characteristics to expression patterns, and ivyBridge, which will emphasize interactive amalgamation of data and annotation related to glioblastoma.