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# Infinity Flow: High-throughput single-cell quantification of 100s of proteins using conventional flow cytometry and machine learning This repository contains the software package ***infinityFlow*** designed to analyze massively-parallel cytometry experiments, such as BioLegend's *LEGENDScreen* or's BD *Cell surface screening panels*. You can learn more about the Infinity Flow approach using the following sources. If you use this software in your research, please cite **High-throughput single-cell quantification of hundreds of proteins using conventional flow cytometry and machine learning, Becht, Tolstrup, Dutertre, Morawski, Campbell, Ginhoux, Newell, Gottardo and Headley, 2021**. 1. [Our preprint]( 1. [The peer-reviewed article]( 1. [An imaged digest of the paper]( The package is available from [Bioconductor]( Alternatively, you can install it from github: ``` if(!require(devtools)){ install.packages("devtools") } if(!require(infinityFlow)){ library(devtools) install_github("ebecht/infinityFlow") } ``` To use the package, you can follow the [vignette]( Alternatively, you can run the following command in an R session after installing the package: ``` browseVignettes("infinityFlow") ```