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# iCOBRA - Interactive benchmarking of ranking and assignment methods `iCOBRA` is a package to calculate and visualize performance metrics for ranking and binary assignment methods. A typical use case could be, for example, comparing methods calling differential expression in gene expression experiments, which could be seen as either a ranking problem (estimating the correct effect size and ordering the genes by significance) or a binary assignment problem (classifying the genes into differentially expressed and non-differentially expressed). `iCOBRA` can be used either directly from the console, or via the interactive shiny application (see the function `COBRAapp()`). It can also be accessed from the web server []( We have also collected a set of benchmarking data sets, addressing different aspects of genomic data analysis. The collection is reachable via the following link: []( ## Installation `iCOBRA` can be installed from `Bioconductor` using `BiocManager`: ``` install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("iCOBRA") ``` or, optionally, ``` BiocManager::install("markrobinsonuzh/iCOBRA") ``` ## Quick start guide The `iCOBRA` workflow starts from an object of class `COBRAData`, containing (adjusted) p-values and/or scores for a set of features as well as the true status of the features. An example data set is provided in the package ``` library(iCOBRA) data(cobradata_example) ``` The function `calculate_performance()` calculates the different performance metrics for a `COBRAData` object. By default, all performance metrics are calculated, but a subset can be selected using the `aspects` argument. ``` cobraperf <- calculate_performance(cobradata_example, binary_truth = "status", cont_truth = "logFC", aspects = c("fdrtpr", "fdrtprcurve", "corr")) ``` Next, the performance metrics are prepared for plotting using the `prepare_for_plot()` function. This function defines colors for the various methods and can also be used for selecting only a subset of the methods for visualization, without having to recalculate the performance metrics. ``` cobraplot <- prepare_data_for_plot(cobraperf, colorscheme = "Set2", keepmethods = c("voom", "edgeR")) ``` The resulting object can then be used to generate plots of the selected aspects. ``` plot_fdrtprcurve(cobraplot) plot_corr(cobraplot, corrtype = "spearman") ``` ## Vignette The vignette can be found in the `vignettes/` directory. Further information is also available in the 'Instructions' tab of the shiny app. After installation, the vignette can be accessed from the R console by typing ``` browseVignettes("iCOBRA") ``` ## Benchmarking data set collection To facilitate future benchmarking studies, we have collected a set of benchmarking data sets on []( The page provides links to raw data as well as evaluation results suitable for import into `iCOBRA`.