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# ggspavis [![R build status](]( The `ggspavis` package contains visualization functions for spatial transcriptomics data, including functions to generate several types of plots, including spot plots, feature (molecule) plots, reduced dimension plots, spot-level quality control (QC) plots, and feature-level QC plots, for datasets from the 10x Genomics Visium and other technological platforms. Datasets are assumed to be in either [SpatialExperiment]( or [SingleCellExperiment]( Bioconductor format. The package is available from [Bioconductor]( ## Installation The release version of the package can be installed from Bioconductor: ``` install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("ggspavis") ``` The latest development version can be installed either from the development version of Bioconductor or from GitHub: ``` remotes::install_github("lmweber/ggspavis") ``` ## Tutorial A vignette containing a tutorial and examples is available from the [Bioconductor]( package page. ## Citation - Righell D.\*, Weber L.M.\*, Crowell H.L.\*, Pardo B., Collado-Torres L., Ghazanfar S., Lun A.T.L., Hicks S.C.\*, and Risso D.\* (2022). *SpatialExperiment: infrastructure for spatially resolved transcriptomics data in R using Bioconductor.* [Bioinformatics](, btac299.