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<img src=inst/SC3.png height="200"> __Q__: What is this? __A__: __SC3__ is a tool for the unsupervised clustering of cells from single cell RNA-Seq experiments. __SC3__ main page is on [BioConductor]( __Q__: How to install/run __SC3__? __A__: Please follow the SC3 manual from its [BioConductor page]( If you would like to install the latest development version of SC3 please install it from the GitHub repository: ``` install.packages("devtools") devtools::install_github("hemberg-lab/SC3") ``` __Q__: Where can I report bugs, comments, issues or suggestions? __A__: Please use [this page]( __Q__: Where can I ask questions about __SC3__? __A__: Please use [this page]( __Q__: Is __SC3__ published? __A__: Yes, __SC3__ is published in [Nature Methods]( __Q__: What is __SC3__ licence? __A__: GPL-3