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# MutationalPatterns The MutationalPatterns R package provides a comprehensive set of flexible functions for easy finding and plotting of mutational patterns in mutation catalogues. Single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions and deletions (Indels), double base substitutions (DBSs) and larger multi base substitutions (MBSs) are supported. ## Citation Please give credit and cite the MutationalPatterns R Package when you use it for your data analysis. A paper for the newest version of the package is published in [BMC Genomics]( The original MutationalPatterns paper is published in Genome Medicine [Blokzijl et al. 2018]( ## Dev version To use the current development version of the package, you should first clone it from GitHub. Next, you can load it using: ```r devtools::load_all(DIR) ``` A raw version of the new vignette can be found [here](../master/vignettes/Introduction_to_MutationalPatterns.Rmd) ## Bioconductor version Please use [Bioconductor]( to install the released version of this package. In [Introduction to MutationalPatterns]( you can find comprehensive examples and explanations for the functions this package provides.