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# GladiaTOX **Table of Contents** * [Introduction](#introduction) * [License](#license) ## Introduction ![Dependency graph of Bioconductor](vignettes/GladiaTOX_logo.png) **GladiaTOX** is an open-source solution for HCS data processing and reporting that expands the tcpl package (toxcast pipeline, *Filer et al., 2016*). In addition to tcpl's functionalities (multiple dose-response fitting and best fit selection), **GladiaTOX** - Fetches raw image quantifications via a webservice layer, also allowing multiple (proprietary) systems to be integrated easily - Computes minimal effective concentrations based also on historical data - Exports results formatted for ToxPI GUI - Compute exposure severity scores - Implements a suite of functionalities for quality control and processing reporting ## License **GladiaTOX** is distributed under the [GPL v2]( license. Copyright (c) 2018 Vincenzo Belcastro, Stephane Cano, Florian Martin, PMPSA Please read the COPYING file.