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## **GNOSIS: An R Shiny app supporting cancer genomics survival analysis with cBioPortal** We have developed GNOSIS, an R Shiny App, incorporating a range of R packages enabling users to efficiently explore and visualise clinical and genomic data obtained from cBioPortal. GNOSIS uses an intuitive GUI and multiple tab panels supporting a range of functionalities including data upload and initial exploration, data recoding and subsetting, multiple visualisations, survival analysis, statistical analysis and mutation analysis, in addition to facilitating reproducible research. ----- ### **GNOSIS Software Tool Article** The version of GNOSIS published in [HRB Open Research]( can be found on the GNOSIS_Software_Tool_Article branch and initialised using: ``` r shiny::runGitHub(repo = 'GNOSIS', username = 'Lydia-King', ref="GNOSIS_Software_Tool_Article") ``` Also available at: Can also be run by cloning repo on GNOSIS_Software_Tool_Article branch, navigating into repo and running server.R file. ### **GNOSIS Current Version** This version has integrated `cBioPortalData()` functions to allow users to select and analyse cBioPortal studies, in addition to manual upload. The current version of GNOSIS can be installed and initialised using: **1. runGitHub** ``` r shiny::runGitHub(repo = 'GNOSIS', username = 'Lydia-King', ref="main") ``` **2. via Bioconductor** ``` r if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) { install.packages("BiocManager") } BiocManager::install("GNOSIS") ```