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# CircSeqAlignTk CircSeqAlignTk is designed for end-to-end RNA-Seq data analysis of circular genome sequences, from alignment to visualization. It mainly targets viroids which are composed of 246-401 nt circular RNAs. In addition, CircSeqAlignTk implements a tidy interface to generate synthetic sequencing data that mimic real RNA-Seq data, allowing developers to evaluate the performance of alignment tools and workflows. ## Installation To install the CircSeqAlignTk package, start R (≥ 4.2) and run the following steps: ``` if (!require('BiocManager', quietly = TRUE)) install.packages('BiocManager') BiocManager::install("CircSeqAlignTk") ``` ## Documentation Vignette, including overview of CircSeqAlignTk package, detailed explanation of functions, and several case studies, can be accesssed with the following steps: ``` browseVignettes('CircSeqAlignTk') ```