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ChIPexoQual =========== ChIPexoQual provides a quality control pipeline of ChIP-exo nexus/data. It allows the quick evaluation of ChIP-exo/nexus data quality by directly operating on aligned read files and without requiring any complex statistical modelling or intensive computation such as identification of potential binding regions/events. This enables its broad application and versatile utility, and provide easy data evaluation before any statistical analysis for identifying binding events. The overall pipeline follows the steps: 1. Partitions the reference genome into islands representing overlapping clusters of reads separated by gaps. 2. Calculates a set of summary statistics. 3. Visualize the data with a collection of diagnostic plots aimed at quantifying ChIP enrichment and strand imbalance. 4. Generates quantitative summaries of these diagnostic plots. This version includes two additional modules: a) `ExoDataSubsampling` to subsample N1 < ... < N reads and repeat the the first 4 steps. b) `ExoDataBlacklists` to partition the ChIP islands into two collections based on their overlap with a set of blacklisted regions. To install the package, it is easiest to use: ``` #install.packages("devtools") devtools::install_github("welch16/ChIPexoQualExample") devtools::install_github("welch16/ChIPexoQual",ref = "devel") ``` References ========== Welch R, Chung D, Grass J, Landick R, and Keles S. "Data Exploration, Quality Control, and Statistical Analysis of ChIP-exo/nexus Experiments" (in preparation)