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## AnVILWorkflow For R users with the limited computing resources, we introduce AnVILWorkflow package. This package allows users to run workflows implemented in [Terra]( without writing any workflow, installing software, or managing cloud resources. Terra's computing resources rely on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and to use AnVILWorkflow, you only need to setup the Terra account once at the beginning. Along with the [AnVIL]( package, AnVILWorkflow package allows users to access both Terra and GCP through R session from a conventional laptop, greatly lowers the learning curve for high-performance, cloud-based genomics resources. <img src="" width="90%" height="90%"/> #### Example 1. Microbiome analysis [bioBakery workflows]( is a collection of workflows and tasks for executing common microbial community analyses using standardized, validated tools and parameters. bioBakery is built on python and maintained by [Huttenhower lab]( #### Example 2. Bulk RNAseq analysis [Salmon]( is a command-line tool for quantifying the expression of transcripts using RNA-seq data.