This the resluts of a user attempting to port webbioc to Windows. It was
ultimately abaondoned. According to the author, Matthias Wjst:

"It is working in principle, however, I am  running into severe memory
problems that I do not think its being worthwile to continue."

README webbioc installation on WINDOWS 2000 server

needs previously installed Apache, R, PERL and Ghostscript
install webbioc package in d:\programme\rw1081\library\webbioc\ 
help is in d:\programme\rw1081\library\webbioc\doc\webbioc.pdf

SET R_GSCMD="D:\Programme\gs\gs8.14\bin\gswin32c.exe"

insert in d:\network\apache\Apache\conf\httpd.conf

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/bioconductor/bin "D:/mirror/cooke/www/cgi-bin/bioconductor/bin/"
<Directory "D:/mirror/cooke/www/cgi-bin/bioconductor/bin">
    AllowOverride all
    Options ExecCGI
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

<Directory "D:/mirror/cooke/www/cgi-bin/bioconductor/bin/download">
        Options Indexes FollowSymlinks MultiViews
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all


edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\
adjust all paths to current web cgi directory
line 38 insert rem

edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\
line 160-163 insert rem
line 164 replace "--no-save" with "--vanilla"
line 165-174 insert rem
line 177-182 replace "rm" with "del"
line 198-203 insert rem
line 219-220 insert rem

edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\affy.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\annaffy.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\annaffysearch.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\cancel.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\job.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\log.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\multtest.cgi
edit d:\mirror\cooke\www\cgi-bin\bioconductor\upload.cgi

replace "#!/usr/bin/perl -w" with "#!d:/programme/Perl521/bin/Perl.exe -w"
replace ".sh" with ".cmd"


system is running
but stopped here with severy memory problems: should have at least 512 or 1024  MB

process control so far not supported 
output dummy string to file at beginning of shell script and delete it at the end?
or use the ps and kill equivalent in a DOS box?

email so far not supported
use freeware blat.exe?

tarring not supported
use freeware tar.exe?