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 \title{Retrieve Data from TMHMM and Fix Functionality of TMHMM R Package}
 tmhmm_fix_path(fasta_filename, folder_name)
 \item{fasta_filename}{Parameter containing input fasta file to be run on
 \item{folder_name}{Path to folder containing installed tmhmm software}
 Raw results from tmhmm containing membrane locations for
 each transcript
 This function retrieves the raw data from tmhmm containing information
 about the membrane location of each amino acid in a transcript.
 In order to set a standard path that allows tmhmm to run, the path
 is set to match that of the fasta file contining the amino acids.
 In order for this function to work, there needs to be a .fasta file
 containing the amino acid sequences for each transcript called "AA.fasta"
 saved to a folder called output within the working directory.