June 28, 2022

Fix check errors

Yichen Wang authored on 28/06/2022 22:07:14

Added more unit tests

Yichen Wang authored on 28/06/2022 20:51:30
April 30, 2021

Added 'runDimensionalityReduction' wrapper function and changed name of getPCA() function to scaterPCA to conform the currently used naming convention.

Irzam Sarfraz authored on 30/04/2021 13:30:37
July 2, 2020

Removed SCtkExperiment class and methods. Removed all references in the documentation

Joshua D. Campbell authored on 02/07/2020 04:10:40
September 25, 2019

Remove deprecated is.null call to reduceDim

David Jenkins authored on 25/09/2019 03:20:24
March 29, 2019

removed duplicates which came up due to @describeIn section from dependent PCA, tSNE methods

Mohammed Muzamil Khan authored on 29/03/2019 19:11:25
April 12, 2018

Consistent use of inSCE to refer to the input SCtkExperiment object. Combined documentation for functions with similar functionality. Version bump

David Jenkins authored on 12/04/2018 22:21:24
April 6, 2018

Consistent use of camel case throughout the app

David Jenkins authored on 06/04/2018 20:11:01
March 29, 2018

bugfix to support numeric conditions. package linted. Clarification about what kind of data to use for each algorithm

David Jenkins authored on 29/03/2018 03:48:01
March 20, 2018

Removed examples that weren't being used. Updated requirement to 3.5 for bioconductor release, changednged the name of the GSE60361 dataset to be more descriptive. Added a link to the data source. Fixed DESeq2 bug. Version bump

David Jenkins authored on 20/03/2018 23:51:57
February 22, 2018

Updates to pass BiocCheck

David Jenkins authored on 22/02/2018 23:37:15
February 20, 2018

Added runnable examples to more functions

David Jenkins authored on 20/02/2018 02:44:56
February 16, 2018

Documentation updates to add examples and fix indentation

David Jenkins authored on 16/02/2018 22:45:56
February 14, 2018

Support for loading in SingleCellExperiment objects that don't contain a matrix called counts

David Jenkins authored on 14/02/2018 23:09:32
February 13, 2018

Fix for slow loading gene names in pcaplot. PCA dimensions are now read from the selected reducedDim matrix

David Jenkins authored on 13/02/2018 23:18:45