Package: seqbias
Version: 1.15.3
Date: 25-12-2010
Title: Estimation of per-position bias in high-throughput sequencing
Description: This package implements a model of per-position sequencing
        bias in high-throughput sequencing data using a simple Bayesian
        network, the structure and parameters of which are trained on a
        set of aligned reads and a reference genome sequence.
Author: Daniel Jones <>
Maintainer: Daniel Jones <>
Depends: R (>= 2.13.0), GenomicRanges (>= 0.1.0), Biostrings (>=
        2.15.0), methods
LinkingTo: Rsamtools (>= 1.19.38)
Imports: zlibbioc
Suggests: Rsamtools, ggplot2
LazyLoad: yes
License: LGPL-3
biocViews: Sequencing