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\title{Make a Design Matrix}
make_design(bio, batch, W, nested = FALSE)
\item{bio}{factor. The biological covariate.}

\item{batch}{factor. The batch covariate.}

\item{W}{numeric. Either a vector or matrix containing one or more
continuous covariates (e.g. RUVg factors).}

\item{nested}{logical. Whether or not to consider a nested design
(see details).}
The design matrix.
This function builds a design matrix for the Adjustment Normalization Step,
in which covariates are two (possibly nested) categorical factors and one or
more continuous variables.
If nested=TRUE a nested design is used, i.e. the batch variable is
  assumed to be nested within the bio variable. Here, nested means that each
  batch is composed of samples from only *one* level of bio, while each
  level of bio may contain multiple batches.

bio = as.factor(rep(c(1,2),each = 2))
batch = as.factor(rep(c(1,2),2))
design_mat = make_design(bio,batch, W = NULL)