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\title{Interactive biplot}
biplot_interactive(x, ...)
\item{x}{a \code{\link{SconeExperiment}} object.}

\item{...}{passed to \code{\link{biplot_color}}.}
A \code{\link{SconeExperiment}} object representing
  selected methods.
This is a wrapper around \code{\link{biplot_color}}, creating a shiny gadget
to allow the user to select specific points in the graph.
Since this is based on the shiny gadget feature, it will not work
  in static documents, such as vignettes or markdown / knitr documents. See
  \code{biplot_color} for more details on the internals.
mat <- matrix(rpois(1000, lambda = 5), ncol=10)
colnames(mat) <- paste("X", 1:ncol(mat), sep="")
obj <- SconeExperiment(mat)
res <- scone(obj, scaling=list(none=identity,
   uq=UQ_FN, deseq=DESEQ_FN,  fq=FQT_FN),
evaluate=TRUE, k_ruv=0, k_qc=0, eval_kclust=2,
   bpparam = BiocParallel::SerialParam())