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<img align="right" style="margin-left: 25px; margin-bottom: 30px;" src=""/> # scanMiRApp `scanMiRApp` is a companion package to <a href="">scanMiR</a>. It contains: * A shiny interface to the <a href="">scanMiR</a> package, enabling the scanning of transcripts (or custom sequences) for miRNA binding sites, the visualization of KdModels and binding results, as well as browsing predicted repression data. * The `ScanMiRAnno` class, which encapsulates all the annotation information necessary for the app/wrappers in this package for a given species. * The <a href="vignettes/IndexedFST.Rmd">`IndexedFst`</a> class for fast indexed reading of large GenomicRanges or data.frames; this is used to enable fast random access to pre-compiled scans and aggregations without having to load them in memory. * A number of convenience wrappers to `scanMiR` functions, for tasks like scanning or visualizing sites on the UTR of a given transcript, running transcriptome-wide scans, or finding enriched miRNA-target pairs. Click [here]( for a live version of the app. For more information, see the package's [vignettes](vignettes/) and the [preprint]( ## Installation First ensure that <a href="">scanMiR</a> and <a href="">scanMiRData</a> are installed, then install with: ```{r} BiocManager::install("ETHZ-INS/scanMiRApp") ```