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# scTreeViz This package provides methods to interactively explore and visualize datasets with hierarchies. eg. single cells datasets with hierarchy over cells at different resolutions. For a walk through of various features of the app, checkout the vignette at ## Installation and requirements `scTreeViz` currently requires a development version of `epivizrData` which supports Sparse Measurements. We plan to push this to `bioc` soon. To install `scTreeViz`, ```{r} BiocManager::install("epiviz/epivizrData") BiocManager::install("HCBravoLab/scTreeViz") ``` ***Note: you can also use devtools to install the package from github*** ## Usage To try out and explore the various features of the package, we provide the PBMC 3K dataset and the vignette `Explore-PBMC` walks you through the process. To checkout all the vignettes ```{r} library(scTreeViz) browseVignettes("scTreeViz") ```