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# rnaseqcomp: A benchmark for RNA-seq quantification pipelines ### Introduction RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has been utilized as the standard technology for measuring the expression abundance of genes, transcripts, exons or splicing junctions. Numerous quantification methods were proposed to quantify such abundances with/without combination of RNA-seq read aligners. It is currently difficult to evaluate the performance of the best method, due in part to the high costs of running assessment experiments as well as the computational requirements of running these algorithms. *rnaseqcomp* package provides a series of statistical summaries and data visualization techniques to evaluate the performance of these metohods. ### Installation *rnaseqcomp* is an R/bioconductor package, which can be installed with source code documented in [GitHub]( or through [Bioconductor]( Install *rnaseqcomp* through GitHub with following code. ```s library(devtools) install_github("tengmx/rnaseqcomp") ``` Or, install through Bioconductor as follows. ```s source("") biocLite("rnaseqcomp") ``` ### Using *rnaseqcomp* First, load the package into R. ```s library(rnaseqcomp) ``` Details of how to use this package, please see the [vignette]( ### Help You are very welcome to leave any questions/bug messages at [GitHub issues](