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\title{A small file size {\code{sample.raw}} BLOB}
file path of the sample.raw location.
The binary example file sample.raw, shipped with the package, contains
574 Fourier-transformed Orbitrap
spectra (FTMS) recorded on a Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive HF-X. The
mass spectrometer was operated in line with a nano electrospray source (NSI)
in positive mode (+). All spectra were written to disk after applying
centroiding (c) and lock mass correction.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive HF-X raw file
of size 1.5M bytes and checksum
\code{MD5 (sample.raw) = fe67058456c79af7442316c474d20e96}.
Additional raw data for
demonstration and extended testing is available through
and the
\href{https://bioconductor.org/packages/tartare/}{tartare} package.
\strong{Lions love raw meat!}
\href{https://bioconductor.org/packages/tartare/}{tartare} package.}
\item{Automated quality control sample 1 (autoQC01) analyzed across different
Thermo Fisher Scientific mass spectrometers,
Tobias Kockmann, 2018, 2019.