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[![Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.](]( [![JPR](]( [![codecov](]( [![bioc-check](]( ![Downloads]( ![rawrrHexSticker](rawrr_logo.png) # rawrr The package provides access to proprietary Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap instrument data as a stand-alone R package or serves as [MsRawFileReaderBackend]( for the Bioconductor [Spectra]( package. rawrr wraps the functionality of the [RawFileReader]( [.NET assembly]( Test files are provided by the [tartare]( ExperimentData package. ## Install Please follow the [INSTALL]( instructions provided through The latest source package build [bioconductor devel branch]( can be found through ## Manuscript ## Talks - [rawrr - invoking managed code using ThermoFisher.CommonCore.RawFileReader;]( presentaton at [3rd de.NBI / ELIXIR-DE metaRbolomics Hackathon 2021]( in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (22-24 November); [code snippets]( - [MsRawFileReaderBackend]( presentaton at [European Biocondutor Meeting, de Duve Institute, UCLouvain, Campus de Woluw ́e Brussels, Belgium, Dec 2019](