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rDGIdb: R Wrapper for DGIdb ======= The rDGIdb R/Bioconductor package provides a wrapper to query the drug-gene interaction database (DGIdb) from R. ## Installation rDGIdb is available on [Bioconductor]( Type the following commands into your R console to install the package: `if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE))` `install.packages("BiocManager")` BiocManager::install("rDGIdb")` ## Usage To load the package, use: `library("rDGIdb")` How to use the package is explained in the vignette and in R help files. After successful installation, open the vignette through: `browseVignettes("rDGIdb")` ## Licence This package is release under the MIT licence. ## Contributions * [Thomas Thurnherr]( * [Franziska Singer]( * [Daniel J. Stekhoven]( * [Niko Beerenwinkel]( ## Contact thomas.thurnherr (at)