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Bump version in order to propagate new Mac binary

End users who don't have the gfortran compiler on their machine cannot
load the current Mac binary because the shared object in it has links
to .dylib files located in /usr/local/gfortran/lib (e.g. libgfortran.3.dylib,
libquadmath.0.dylib, etc...). This is where Coudert's gfortran 6.1 (the
Fortran compiler officially used by the CRAN folks) is installed on
Bioconductor Mac builder veracruz2. In the new binary, these links are
replaced with links to the .dylib files shipped with the official Mac
binary for R 3.4.0 available on CRAN.

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 Package: preprocessCore
-Version: 1.38.0
+Version: 1.38.1
3 3
 Title: A collection of pre-processing functions
4 4
 Author: Benjamin Milo Bolstad <>
5 5
 Maintainer: Benjamin Milo Bolstad <>