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<link href="" rel="stylesheet"></link> # [phyloseq]( [![Travis-CI Build Status](]( ![phyloseq](inst/extdata/phyloseq.png) ## Quick Install In R terminal: ``` if(!requireNamespace("BiocManager")){ install.packages("BiocManager") } BiocManager::install("phyloseq") ``` See [the phyloseq installation page]( for further details, examples. ## Article on Improved Microbiome Analysis McMurdie and Holmes (2014) [Waste Not, Want Not: Why Rarefying Microbiome Data is Statistically Inadmissible]( *PLoS Computational Biology* 10(4): e1003531 Presubmission versions ahead of acceptance (2013): [PDF version 2](, [PDF version 1]( ## Peer-reviewed articles about phyloseq McMurdie and Holmes (2014) [Shiny-phyloseq: Web Application for Interactive Microbiome Analysis with Provenance Tracking]( *Bioinformatics (Oxford, England)* 31(2), 282–283. McMurdie and Holmes (2013) [phyloseq: An R package for reproducible interactive analysis and graphics of microbiome census data]( *PLoS ONE* 8(4):e61217 ## Other resources The phyloseq project also has a number of supporting online resources, including (but probably not limited to) ### [the phyloseq home page]( ### [the phyloseq FAQ]( I recommend checking this page, and the issues tracker, before posting new issues. ### [Bioconductor stable release]( ### [the phyloseq Issue Tracker]( This is the recommended location to post (1) feature requests (2) bug reports (3) theoretical considerations (4) other issues, feedback (5) ask for help Search previous posts, and check [the phyloseq FAQ]( before posting a new issue.