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\title{UI data import helper - prepare file paths and metadata}
    spectraPaths = NULL,
    spectraMetadataPath = NULL
\item{spectraPaths}{NULL or character vector of spectra file paths, to set
samples to process}

\item{spectraMetadataPath}{NULL or path to a csv of spectra metadata, with
spectra as row and metadata as columns. (spectraPaths in column `filepath`)}
spectraPaths (str) and spectraMetadata (DataFrame or NULL) read from
the CSV file
Return spectraPaths and spectraMetadata from a .csv file (if available).
If reading from the spectraMetadata file, the spectraPaths are taken from
the `filepath` column
## Input data
# spectraPath
input_spectraPaths    <- c('./path/file1', './path/file2', './path/file3')

# spectraMetadata
input_spectraMetadata <- data.frame(matrix(data=c(input_spectraPaths,
                            c('a','b','c')), nrow=3, ncol=2,
                            dimnames=list(c(),c('filepath', 'testcol')),
                            byrow=FALSE), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

# temporary file location
spectraMetaPath <- tempfile(pattern="file", tmpdir=tempdir(), fileext='.csv')
# save csv

# load data from CSV
spectraPaths_and_metadata_UI_helper(spectraPaths = NULL,
                                    spectraMetadataPath = spectraMetaPath)