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# Cross omic genetic fingerprinting # ![alt text]( This `R` package provides functionality to perform sample relationship verification using different omic data types. Such as, 450k DNA methylation data, RNA-sequencing or DNA based genotypes sequencing or array based imputed. Checkout the vignettes directory for a few examples. # Installation # ## Install using the **devtools**-package ## First install [**devtools**]( Next use: ```{r devtools, eval=FALSE} library(devtools) install_github("molepi/omicsPrint") ``` Sometimes `install_github` fails with CA cert error. Try running `httr::set_config(httr::config( ssl_verifypeer = 0L))` before running `install_github`! ## Install from source using `git/R` ## Using [git](, e.g, use `git clone` and then build and install the package from source: ```{r git, engine='bash', eval=FALSE} git clone R CMD build omicsPrint R CMD INSTALL omicsPrint_x.y.z.tar.gz ``` Change `_x.y.z.` to the proper version you downloaded! ## Vignettes ## A few vignettes are provides showing applications of using **omicsPrint** to simulated and publicly available data: - [omicsPrint]( - [GSE39672]( - [GSE52980](