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\title{fetch pathway definitions from downloads.baderlab.org}
fetchPathwayDefinitions(month = NULL, year = NULL, day = 1, verbose = FALSE)
\item{month}{(numeric or char) month of pathway definition file. Can be
numeric or text (e.g. "January","April"). If NULL, fails.}

\item{year}{(numeric) year of pathway definition file. Must be in
yyyy format (e.g. 2020). If NULL, fails.}


\item{verbose}{(logical) print messages}
(char) Path to local cached copy of GMT file
or initial download is required
fetch pathway definitions from downloads.baderlab.org
Fetches genesets compiled from multiple curated pathway
databases. Downloaded from: https://download.baderlab.org/EM_Genesets/
The file contains pathways from HumanCyc, NetPath, Reactome, NCI
Curated Pathways and mSigDB.
For details see Merico D, Isserlin R, Stueker O, Emili A and GD Bader.
(2010). PLoS One. 5(11):e13984.