2011-09-16 Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* Changed é to \'e in mzR.bib.
2011-09-07 Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* temporary fixed the 'could not find function "getClass"' warning 
	  adding require("methods", ... ) to .onLoad 
	  (see http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.r.rcpp/2140)
	  but this produces a note about 'Package startup functions should 
	  not change the search path.' But adding methods to the depends 
  	  fiels, as advertised in .onAttach, does not fix the original 
	* Bump version number to 0.99.2 to track changes.

2011-08-10  Steffen Neumann  <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* Temporary Fix for "unable to find ... for function "peaks"
	  by explicitely specifying mzR:: namespace
	* Bump version for resubmission to BioC
2011-08-09  Steffen Neumann  <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* Minor fixes in documentation
	* Bump version for resubmission to BioC

2011-08-01  Steffen Neumann  <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* Added header(), peaks(), length()
	and show() for netCDF. This passes all unit tests 
	for a modified version of xcms, closing Issue #15

2011-07-22  Steffen Neumann  <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* Non-functional support for CDF

2011-07-11 Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* simplified show method
	* rewrote runInfo in R
	* Misc changes in doc and vignette
	* bumped version to 0.5.5
2011-07-08 Steffen Neumann <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* fixed Windows, checked for x64
	* bumped version to 0.5.4
2011-07-05 Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* small doc and vignette updates
	* peaks("mzRramp","missing") always returns a list 
	(possibly of length 1) of matrices.
	* bumped version to 0.5.2
2011-06-16  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* updated header("mzRamp","numeric") when 
	length(numeric) > 1 to return 'flat' data.frame
	* bumped verison to 0.5.1
2011-06-10  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* bumped version to 0.5.0
	* implementing backend design and related changes
2011-06-09  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* bumped version to 0.4.4
	* created format specific classes and methods
	* added (optional) format argument to openMSfile
	* updated documentation
2011-06-01  Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* added fileName slot to mzR class (now version 0.1.3)
	* updated openMSfile, fileName and mzR validity to 
	reflect new mzR@fileName slot.
	* update get3Dmap and initializeRamp generics - added 
	explicit non-dispatching elements.
	* added mzR.bib bibtex and Makefile files
	* updated docs and vignette

2011-06-01  Steffen Neumann <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>
	* fix call to fileName() in instrumentInfo()
	* added Makefile for a simple "make" in unitTests
	* added man pages
2011-05-31  Laurent Gatto <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* file extension is checked to avoid retrieving 
	instrument info for mzdata files (see 
	* update Rcpp version dependency
	* updated unit test
2011-05-27  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* bumped verssion to 0.4.3
	* added further refinements and dummy documenation
	* builds, checks and installs fine 

2011-05-25  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* bumped verion to 0.4.1
	* cleaned up code and file names, to fit with 
	Bioconductor's naming schemes.
	* created S4 classes and methods 
2011-05-01  Laurent Gatto  <lg390@cam.ac.uk>
	* added cleanup script to version 0.4

2010-12-16  Steffen Neumann  <sneumann@ipb-halle.de>

	* push 0.3 which adds mzML support, and has (a few) 
	unit tests. R CMD check finishes mostly clean, with 
	some problems with Rcpp/methods