Package: multiOmicsViz
Type: Package
Title: Plot the effect of one omics data on other omics data along the
Version: 1.27.0
Date: 2017-03-03
Author: Jing Wang <>
Maintainer: Jing Wang <>
Description: Calculate the spearman correlation between the source
        omics data and other target omics data, identify the
        significant correlations and plot the significant correlations
        on the heat map in which the x-axis and y-axis are ordered by
        the chromosomal location.
License: LGPL
LazyLoad: yes
Depends: R (>= 3.3.2)
Imports: methods, parallel, doParallel, foreach, grDevices, graphics,
        utils, SummarizedExperiment, stats
Suggests: BiocGenerics
Collate: multiOmicsViz.R calculateCorForTwoMatrices.R zzz.R
biocViews: Software, Visualization, SystemsBiology