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# multiMiR [![Build Status](]( [![codecov](]( [![biocdownloads](]( [![inBioc](]( --- The [*multiMiR* web server]( hosts a database containing miRNA-target interactions from external databases. The package *multiMiR* provides functions to communicate with the *multiMiR* web server and its database. Note this repository is where active development occurs (think 'nightly' builds). The recommended release and devel versions are available via Bioconductor (as of Bioconductor 3.6). ```{r} # To install multiMiR, use biocLite() source("") biocLite() biocLite("multiMiR") ``` Terminology used in package: - *sql components*: SELECT or FROM or ON or WHERE... etc. (mmsql\_components class) - *sql features*: specific to this DB and the options used to generate meaningful queries (i.e. mirna; conserved; table type: validated, predicted; etc.) - *sql*: a complete sql statement (mmsql class) - *query*: table result of sql statement (mmquery class), class includes sql statement and parts.