/* stopwatch.h
 * SRE, Fri Nov 26 14:54:21 1999 [St. Louis] [HMMER]
 * SRE, Thu Aug  3 08:00:35 2000 [St. Louis] [moved to SQUID]
 * CVS $Id: stopwatch.h,v 1.2 2000/08/03 22:24:38 eddy Exp)
 * Header file for stopwatch.c module:
 * reporting of cpu/system/elapsed time used by a process.
 * See stopwatch.c comments for documentation of compile-time
 * configuration options and API.
 * SQUID - a library of functions for biological sequence analysis
 * Copyright (C) 1992-2002 Washington University School of Medicine
 *     This source code is freely distributed under the terms of the
 *     GNU General Public License. See the files COPYRIGHT and LICENSE
 *     for details.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#ifndef WIN32
#include <sys/times.h>


struct stopwatch_s {
  time_t t0;			/* Wall clock time, ANSI time()  */
#ifdef WIN32
  clock_t cpu0;			/* CPU time, ANSI clock()        */
  struct tms cpu0;		/* CPU/system time, POSIX times()*/

  double elapsed;		/* elapsed time, seconds */
  double user;			/* CPU time, seconds */
  double sys;			/* system time, seconds */
typedef struct stopwatch_s Stopwatch_t;

extern void StopwatchStart(Stopwatch_t *w);
extern void StopwatchStop(Stopwatch_t *w);
extern void StopwatchInclude(Stopwatch_t *w1, Stopwatch_t *w2);
extern Stopwatch_t *StopwatchCreate(void);
extern void StopwatchZero(Stopwatch_t *w);
extern void StopwatchCopy(Stopwatch_t *w1, Stopwatch_t *w2);
extern void StopwatchFree(Stopwatch_t *w);
extern void StopwatchDisplay(FILE *fp, char *s, Stopwatch_t *w);

#ifdef HMMER_PVM
extern void StopwatchPVMPack(Stopwatch_t *w);
extern void StopwatchPVMUnpack(Stopwatch_t *w);