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 * Clustal Omega - Multiple sequence alignment
 * Copyright (C) 2010 University College Dublin
 * Clustal-Omega is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
 * License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This file is part of Clustal-Omega.

 * RCS $Id: hhhitlist.h 284 2013-06-12 10:10:11Z fabian $

// hhhitlist.h

// HitList is a list of hits of type Hit 
// which can be operated upon by several anaylsis methods 
class HitList : public List<Hit>
  double score[MAXPROF];        // HHsearch score of each HMM for ML fit
  double weight[MAXPROF];       // weight of each HMM = 1/(size_fam[tfam]*size_sfam[hit.sfam]) for ML fit
  int Nprof;                    // Number of HMMs for ML fit

  int fams;                   // number of families found found in hitlist
  int sfams;                  // number of superfamilies found in hitlist
  int N_searched;             // number of sequences searched from HMM database
  Hash<float>* blast_logPvals;/* Hash containing names and log(P-values) 
				 read from BLAST file (needed for HHblast) */

  HitList() {blast_logPvals=NULL;}
  ~HitList() {if (blast_logPvals) delete blast_logPvals;}

  // Print summary listing of hits
  void PrintHitList(HMM& q, char* outfile);

  void ClobberGlobal(void);

  // Print alignments of query sequences against hit sequences 
  int PrintAlignments(
                      char **ppcFirstProf, char **ppcSecndProf, char zcAux[], char zcError[],
		       HMM& q, char* outfile, char outformat=0);

  // Return a figure of merit for distinction of the score with positive from the scores with negatives
  void Optimize(HMM& q, char* buffer);

  // Print score distribution into file score_dist
  void PrintScoreFile(HMM& q);
  // Log likelihood for fitting the EVD to the score distribution
  double RankOrderFitCorr(double* v);
  // Static wrapper-function for calling the nonstatic member function RankOrderFitCorr()
  static double RankOrderFitCorr_static(void* pt2hitlist, double* v);

  // Log likelihood for fitting the EVD to the score distribution
  double LogLikelihoodCorr(double* v);
  // Static wrapper-function for calling the nonstatic member function LogLikelihoodCorr()
  static double LogLikelihoodCorr_static(void* pt2hitlist, double* v);

  // Log likelihood for fitting the EVD to the score distribution
  double LogLikelihoodEVD(double* v);
  // Static wrapper-function for calling the nonstatic member function LogLikelihoodEVD()
  static double LogLikelihoodEVD_static(void* pt2hitlist, double* v);

  // Subroutine to FindMin: new point given by highest point ihigh, fac and replaces ihigh if it is lower 
  double TryPoint(int ndim, double* p, double* y, double* psum, int ihigh, double fac, double (*Func)(void* pt2hitlist, double* v));
  // Find minimum with simplex method of Nelder and Mead (1965)
  float FindMin(int ndim, double* p, double* y, double tol, int& nfunc, double (*Func)(void* pt2hitlist, double* v));
  // Do a maximum likelihood fit of the scores with an EV distribution with parameters lamda and mu 
  void MaxLikelihoodEVD(HMM& q, int nbest);
  // Calculate correlation and score offset for HHblast composite E-values 
  void CalculateHHblastCorrelation(HMM& q);

  // Calculate HHblast composite E-values 
  void CalculateHHblastEvalues(HMM& q);

  // Calculate Pvalues as a function of query and template lengths and diversities
  void CalculatePvalues(HMM& q);

  // Set P-values, E-values and scores according to q.lamda and q.mu (if calibration from database scan is impossible)  
  void GetPvalsFromCalibration(HMM& q);

  // HHblast: read PSI-BLAST E-values to determine correlation
  void ReadBlastFile(HMM& q);

  // Print first 20 hits of hitlist
  void Debug() 
      Hit hit;
      int i=0;
      while (++i<=20 && !End()) 
	  hit = ReadNext();
	  printf("%-10.10s %-10.10s %3i %3i %s %7.2f %6.2f %6.2f\n",hit.name,hit.fam,hit.L,hit.matched_cols,sprintg(-1.443*hit.logPval,7),-hit.score_aass,hit.Probab,hit.score_sort);

  // Calculate P-values and Probabilities from transitive scoring over whole database
  void TransitiveScoring();
  void TransitiveScoring2();
  void TransitiveScoring3();
  void TransitiveScoring4();

  // Score2Z transforms the -log(P-value) score into a Z-score for 0 < S
  double Score2Z(double S);

  // Z2Score transforms the Z-score into a -log(P-value) value
  double Z2Score(double Z);

  // Matrix manipulation
  void PrintMatrix(float** V, int N);
  void PrintMatrix(double** V, int N);
  float NormalizationFactor(double** Csub,float* w, int M);
  void Normalize(float* Ztq, char** fold, Hash<int>& excluded);
  void InvertMatrix(double** B, double** A, int N);
  void TransposeMatrix(double** V, int N);
  void SVD(double **A, int n, double w[], double **V);