\title{Multiple Sequence Alignment}
  The \pkg{msa} package provides a unified R/Bioconductor interface to
  different multiple sequence alignment algorithms.
  Currently, \sQuote{ClustalW}, \sQuote{ClustalOmega}, and
  \sQuote{MUSCLE} are supported. All algorithms are usable without
  additional software packages and on all major platforms.
  The multiple sequence algorithms are complemented by an R interface to
  the powerful LaTeX package \pkg{texshade.sty} which allows for a
  highly customizable plots of multiple sequence alignments.
    Package: \tab msa\cr
    Type: \tab Package\cr
    Version: \tab 1.1.2\cr
    Date: \tab 2015-09-29\cr
    License: \tab GPL-2\cr
\author{Enrico Bonatesta, Christoph Horejs-Kainrath, and Ulrich Bodenhofer
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\seealso{\code{\link{msa}},  \code{\link{msaClustalW}},
  \code{\link{msaClustalOmega}}, \code{\link{msaMuscle}},
## read sequences
filepath <- system.file("examples", "exampleAA.fasta", package="msa")
mySeqs <- readAAStringSet(filepath)

## call unified interface msa() for default method (ClustalW) and
## default parameters