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----------------------------------------------------------- # miRBaseConverter [![AppVeyor Build Status](]( [![bioc](]( [![bioc](]( [![bioc](]( [![bioc](]( `miRBaseConverter` is an R/Bioconductor package for converting and retrieving the definition of miRNAs ( Names, Accessions, Sequences, Families and others) in different miRBase versions ( From miRBase version 6 to version 22 [ The latest version ] ). A tiny built-in database is embedded in the `miRBaseConverter` R package for retrieving miRNA information efficiently. ------------------------------------------------------ ## Installing miRBaseConverter ```{r,eval=FALSE,warning=FALSE,message=FALSE} devtools::install_github("taoshengxu/miRBaseConverter") ``` ----------------------------------------------------------------- ## Manual The tutorial and examples of `miRBaseConverter` pacakge can be found [here]( ## Shiny application The online application with interactive interface of this package can be accessed in []( or []( ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ## Citation Please cite the following article when using `miRBaseConverter`: [![doi](]( [![citation](]( Taosheng Xu, Ning Su, Lin Liu, Junpeng Zhang, Hongqiang Wang, Weijia Zhang, Jie Gui, Kui Yu, Jiuyong Li and Thuc Duy Le. miRBaseConverter: An R/Bioconductor Package for Converting and Retrieving miRNA Name, Accession, Sequence and Family Information in Different Versions of miRBase. BMC Bioinformatics 19 (Suppl 19) :514. doi: