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metagenomeSeq ============= Statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencing metagenomeSeq is designed to determine features (be it Operational Taxanomic Unit (OTU), species, etc.) that are differentially abundant between two or more groups of multiple samples. metagenomeSeq is designed to address the effects of both normalization and undersampling of microbial communities on disease association detection and the testing of feature correlations. To install the latest release version of metagenomeSeq: ```S source("") biocLite("metagenomeSeq") ``` To install the latest development version of metagenomeSeq: ```S install.packages("devtools") library("devtools") install_github("metagenomeSeq","nosson") ``` Author: [Joseph Nathaniel Paulson](, [Mihai Pop](, [Hector Corrada Bravo]( Maintainer: Joseph N. Paulson : jpaulson at Website: