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metagene: A package to produce metagene plots ======================================================== This package produces metagene plots to compare the behavior of DNA-interacting proteins at selected groups of genes/features. Bam files are used to increase the resolution. Multiple combination of group of bam files and/or group of genomic regions can be compared in a single analysis. Bootstraping analysis is used to compare the groups and locate regions with statistically different enrichment profiles. ## Bioconductor Package ## [![Bioconductor Time](]( "Bioconductor status") metagene is now an official package of [Bioconductor]( The current release can be directly downloaded from their website: [Current release]( ## Authors ## [Charles Joly Beauparlant](, [Fabien Claude Lamaze](, [Rawane Samb](, [Astrid Deschenes]( and [Arnaud Droit]( See [Arnaud Droit Lab]( "Arnaud Droit Lab") website. ## Maintainer ## [Charles Joly Beauparlant]( ## License ## This package and the underlying metagene code are distributed under the Artistic license 2.0. You are free to use and redistribute this software. For more information on Artistic 2.0 License see [this webpage]( ## Bugs/Feature requests ## If you have any bugs or feature requests, [let us know]( Thanks!