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# metabCombiner This is an R package for aligning a pair of disparately-acquired untargeted LC-MS metabolomics. *metabCombiner* takes peak-picked and conventionally aligned untargeted LC-MS datasets and determines the overlapping <mass-to-charge (m/z), retention time (rt)> features, concatenating their measurements to form a combined table of sample mass spectral measurements. ## installation ```r #if devtools is not already installed: install.packages("devtools") Sys.setenv(R_REMOTES_NO_ERRORS_FROM_WARNINGS="true") #for R versions 4.0 and later devtools::install_github("hhabra/metabCombiner", build_vignettes = TRUE) library(metabCombiner) #for R versions between 3.5 and 4 devtools::install_github("hhabra/metabCombiner", build_vignettes = TRUE, ref = "R3.5") ``` ## How to Use metabCombiner In the [/demo](/demo/) directory, we have an example R script showing a demonstration of the package's utilities. See the vignette by entering browseVignettes("metabCombiner") for a more detailed description of how to use *metabCombiner*.