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[![Build Status](]( `lpsymphony`: SYMPHONY Interface for Bioconductor =============================================== [SYMPHONY](<>) is an open-source solver for mixed-integer linear optimization problems . `lpsymphony` adapts SYMPHONY code for use in R. The package is based on CRAN's [Rsymphony](<>). Install ------- To install Bioconductor release version of `lpsymphony` simply run in R ```r ## try http:// if https:// URLs are not supported source("") biocLite("lpsymphony") ``` To get the newest version install the package directly from Github: ```r devtools::install_github("vladchimescu/lpsymphony") ``` Questions, Issues, Requests --------------------------- If you are experiencing problems with `lpsymphony` please create an issue or post your question on the [Bioconductor support website](<>)