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\title{loci2pathResult Class}



\item{x}{An geneSet object}
Object of CLass loci2pathResult
loci2pathResult Class contains information for the query result from 
query function \code{query}. Result object contains a ranked
pathway table, and a vector of gene names that are associated with loci 
covered by query regions

\item{\code{resultTable}}{data.frame; contains enrichment statistics, 
summary of eQTL and gene numbers, pathway names and gene names, etc.}

\item{\code{coveredGene}}{list; each member is a vector of genes associated 
with one tissue, whose associating loci are covered by query regions}

result <- query(query.gr=query.gr, 
  loci=eset.list, path=biocarta)
resultTable(result) # a data.frame for enriched pathways