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# interacCircos <!-- badges: start --> [![CRAN status](]( [![Lifecycle: stable](]( [![GPLv3](]( <!-- badges: end --> The **interacCircos** package is designed for the generation of interactive Circos plot ## Introduction The **interacCircos** package is inspired by [circosJS](, [BioCircos.js]( and [NG-Circos]( circosJS, BioCircos.js and NG-Circos are developed in JavaScript to provide a framework for displaying the interactive Circos plot in website. For these 3 JavaScript library, plot are all drawn through different JS functions(back-end) and displayed through HTML element(front-end), which requires users be familiar with JavaScript language and HTML language very much. Besides, the way of data input in JavaScript is not user-friendly, especially for data with millions of rows. We integrate the modules of circosJS, BioCircos.js and NG-Circos into this R package: **interacCircos**, based on *htmlwidgets* framework. ## Features * 21 modules(*Arc*, *Auxilirayline*, *Background*, *Bubble*, *Chord*,*chord.p*, *Cnv*, *Combination*, *Compare*, *Gene*, *Heatmap*, *Histogram*, *Legend*, *Line*, *Link*, *Lollipop*, *Redirect*, *Scatter*, *Snp*, *Text*, *Wig*) of circosJS, BioCircos.js and NG-Circos are available at **interacCircos**. All modules from different libraries are now presented in R function and compatible to each other. * Instead of transforming data using python script of manually, the data can be directly input into **interacCircos** through data.frame format, which is one of the most common data type of R and can easily cooperate with other R packages. * **interacCircos** is much more programming friendly. Users can draw a multi-track interactive Circos plot in at least 2 steps, as easy as drawing a plot using ggplot2. ## Installation By devtools # Via devtools if (!require('devtools')){install.packages('devtools')} devtools::install_github('mrcuizhe/interacCircos') # htmlwidgets, RColorBrewer, plyr are required ! By CRAN: #Via CRAN install.packages("interacCircos") # htmlwidgets, RColorBrewer, plyr are required ! ## Documentation Documentation is available at - [interacCircos-documentation]( Or - [interacCircos-pdf]( ## Contact Please contact or for help