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\title{Normalize the pathway matrix by rows}
normalize_paths(path_vals, metaginfo)
\item{path_vals}{SummarizedExperiment or matrix of the pathway values}

\item{metaginfo}{Pathways object}
SummarizedExperiment or matrix of normalized pathway values, 
depending on the class of \code{path_vals}.
Due to the nature of the Hipathia method, the length of a pathway may
influence its signal rank. In order to compare signal values among
subpathways, we strongly recommend to normalize the matrix with this
This function removes the bias caused by the length of the subpathways
by dividing by the value obtained from running the method with a basal
value of 0.5 at each node.
pathways <- load_pathways(species = "hsa", pathways_list = c("hsa03320",
path_normalized <- normalize_paths(path_vals, pathways)