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# Introduction `gwasurvivr` can be used to perform survival analyses of imputed genotypes from Sanger and Michigan imputation servers and IMPUTE2 software. This vignette is a tutorial on how to perform these analyses. This package can be run locally on a Linux, Mac OS X, Windows or conveniently batched on a high performing computing cluster. `gwasurvivr` iteratively processes the data in chunks and therefore intense memory requirements are not necessary. `gwasurvivr` package comes with three main functions to perform survival analyses using Cox proportional hazard (Cox PH) models depending on the imputation method used to generate the genotype data: 1. `michiganCoxSurv`: Performs survival analysis on imputed genetic data stored in compressed VCF files generated via Michigan imputation server. 2. `sangerCoxSurv`: Performs survival analysis on imputed genetic data stored in compressed VCF files generated via Sanger imputation server. 3. `impute2CoxSurv`: Performs survival analysis on imputed genetic data from IMPUTE2 output. 4. `gdsCoxSurv`: For files that are already in GDS format (originally in IMPUTE2 format), users can provide a path to their GDS file and perform survival analysis and avoid having to recompress their files each run. 5. `plinkCoxSurv`: For directly typed data (or imputed data that is thresholded in plink) that are plink format (.bed, .bim, .fam files), users can can perform survival analysis. All functions fit a Cox PH model to each SNP including other user defined covariates and will save the results as a text file directly to disk that contains survival analysis results. `gwasurvivr` functions can also test for interaction of SNPs with a given covariate. See examples for further details. # Installation This package is currently available on [Bioconductor devel branch]( or by using `devtools` library for R >= 3.4 and going to the Sucheston Campbell Lab GitHub repository (this page). If using R 3.5, use `BiocManager` to install the package, if using R >= 3.4, `BiocInstaller` or `biocLite` can be used. For R >= 3.5: ``` if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("gwasurvivr", version = "devel") ``` Alternatively: ``` if (!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("devtools") devtools::install_github("suchestoncampbelllab/gwasurvivr") ``` For R >= 3.4 and R < 3.5: ``` source("") biocLite("gwasurvivr") ``` # How to use package Please refer to the [vignette]( for a detailed description on how to use gwasurvivr functions for survival analysis (Cox proportional hazard model).