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# gmoviz: Seamless visualization of complex genomic variations in GMOs and edited cell lines `gmoviz` is an R package designed to extend traditional bioinformatics workflows used for genomic characterisation with powerful visualisation capabilities based on the Circos [@Krzywinski_2009] plotting framework. ## Developers - `gmoviz` is developed by **Kathleen Zeglinski** during her UROP placement at CSL Research - Scientific supervision: Monther Alhamdoosh and Arthur Hsu - Software Engineering: Constantinos Koutsakis - For comments and suggestions, email monther.alhamdoosh \<at\> csl \<dot\> com \<dot\> au ## Installation ### System requirements ### Installation As soon as `gmoviz` is available in the [Bioconductor]( project, it can be installed from R console as follows: ```r if (!require("BiocManager")) install.packages("BiocManager") BiocManager::install("gmoviz") ``` ## Quick start ## Features Additional plots along with documentation can be found in `gmoviz`'s main vignette. In R console, type: ```r browseVignettes("gmoviz") ```